Changed Laws

Many of you may be unaware that whilst the BBC (and other mainstream media outlets) where too busy pumping out fear propaganda to the nation, at the begining of this pandemic, they must have forgotten to report on how the government had used this as a distraction technique to usher in new rules and laws which would soon help them keep the level of fear upon us.

Things such as how death is to be certified was changed. Rules on being able to section people under the mental health act. The way they made it easier for hospitals to place Do Not Resuscitate (DNR/DNAR) on people without their knowledge, let alone their consent. This is just a few examples of the changes made to our "democratic" laws, but I am sure if you read between the lines, you will be able to see how these changes have benefitted the government in creating and maintaining a high level of fear which ultimately brings with it control, on the British public with regards to a so called pandemic.


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