Clap for Carers

Every Thursday at 8pm, many people could be seen and heard on their door steps, clapping their hands, banging pots, chearing.... Some even set fireworks off as a sign of respect to key workers, care staff, and the NHS, who were all "working so hard" and "putting their health last and their service first". That is of course once they had put their phones away from making Tic-Tok videos.

I find it very strange that just one year on, the tables have been significantly turned. The NHS had to fight hard for a pay rise, even though they are supposed to be "Our Hero's", and now we see a day where the government are attempting to mandate that care staff are all vaccinated. No Jab - No Job.

On this point, I see it being very bad press for the vaccines that as of 9th November 2021 over 70,000 NHS staff alone havent taken a dose of the vaccine... What have these NHS staff seen? What do they know? What is stopping them doing "the right thing" in the governments eyes? WHISTLE BLOWERS WANTED!


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