Covid-19 Vaccines

Just because I have no confidence or trust in these Covid Vaccines due to the research I have carried out does not, make me an anti-vaxxer, but a campaigner for damaged vaxxers, in which the evidence is overwhelming.

The Covid 19 Vaccines are all part of a clinical trial due to end in 2023. They had to abandon the animal trial phase when all of the animals were killed by the experiment. Never before has an mRNA style of vaccine been used, nor have we ever attempted to roll out a medical trial on a full nation. Although some medical trials may have been carried out, it is undeniable that these vaccines havent undergone the test of time. This is crucial. How can we have any understanding of the long term effects of these? What damage is likely to show up in 2 years time? 5 years time? And why are those in power not bothered by this? Proven even more so, by giving the manufacturers (Astra-Zenica, Pfizer ect) legal indemnities protecting them from liability. This means that if your injured by the vaccine you have taken, you cannot sue those who made it, for the compensation you deserve.

The Swine Flu vaccine trial in 1976 had less than 50 fatalities before the programme was halted through safety concerns. Looking at the data from The Yellow Card Scheme on the website (official database) or alternatively the american equivelant - VAERS, does it not concern you seeing millions of adverse effects and thousands of deaths? Why isnt this trial program being halted also?

It concerns me that, on any medical procedure, whether that be a trial or routine procedure, full informed consent must be given prior to the procedure going ahead. Why should this vaccine be an exception?

Then we should look at what these vaccines do to protect us. At one point they protected us, then (like face-coverings and social distancing) we should take the vaccine "to protect others" (Please make your mind up!!)

It then comes to light that these vaccines dont stop you catching the virus. They dont stop you spreading or transmitting it.... so this isnt a vaccine?!

They are now saying that the vaccines are to reduce the chances of hospitalisation, IF you catch Covid 19. Should you be hospitalised, the vaccine should have reduced the serverity of your symptoms. (Try telling that to the atleaste 2 million+ people who have suffered adverse reactions from their shots, in the hope it'll make them feel better about it...) Lets also take into consideration that the vast majority of the population have a survival rate from covid 19 of over 99%

The final points I would like to make on vaccines are possibly the most important. Firstly, when in the history of medicine have we created a vaccine when treatments are readily available. Drugs like Ivermectine and Hydroxychloroquine have been on the pharmaceutical market for decades and don't only act as a cure, but a prophylactic also, meaning the chances of catching Covid are massively reduced. These drugs are cheap, effective, and long term tested for safety. The second and final point I would like to make is how can a vaccine be manufactured before the virus has been isolated. The virus needs to be isolated and studied under a microscope to understand it fully. Research the Koch's Postulate


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