The most draconian messures in peace time. Well unfortunately, this isn't a peace time. We are currently in the middle of a psychological war against the population of Britain, affecting many millions of inocent lives.

Locking us down was not only a simple way for those in control to play with our heads over the serverity of the covid situation, but also the easiest way to isolate us. Divide and conquer.

Another advantage for their lockdown was to stop the nation seeing the lack of dead bodies on our streets and the lack of ambulances on "blue light" emergencies. If this was witnessed, it would put peoples minds at ease and un-do all the hard work of the media campaigns/propaganda. Seeing this would have exposed that the pandemic was a fraud.

Another element to the lockdowns is the catastophic inpact on the econemy. To be able to usher in the New World Order, the social credit systems and so on, they need to destroy our econemy. If the nation had pushed back at this point, theres a good chance we wouldnt still be in the situation we find ourselves in. Non-compliance by all would have sent a strong enough message out to the authorities, that we will not tollerate this. And judging by countries that have never locked down, proves this wouldnt have had any impact on the medical side of the country also.


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