Media and Science

To get the best out of updated science, it should be a never ending conversation from those educated and qualified in a particular field - debate.

Although our government state regularly "they are following the science daily", It seems that they will only consult the science and experts that suit their agenda. There are many scientists and experts of their field that do not get a voice or an invitation to the debates as they would be able to prove alternate narratives. Mike Yeadon for example. He is the Ex-Vice Chairman of Pfizer. He walked away from this position when he realised what damage Pfizer where trying to do, and hasnt stopped in trying to speak out ever since.

The problem everybody is up against is how complicit the media are being. They are showing themselves to be the propaganda wing of the government. The government having control of the media allows for guarenteed censorship of any content they do not want broadcasting. This is the same with social media also. Today, unless you are a crisis actor, or someone on the safe list, you will be shut down in no time. Freedom of speach and healthy debate is dead.

When you look further into how the media are behaving, you will also notice how they are heavily involved in the divide and conquer attitude. Running stories and lines such as "is it time to unfriend the unvaccinated" can only have one purpose - to destroy friendships and families. This is obviously a topic that divides the nation. Then look at how they so freely like to use "throw away terms" such as "conspiracy theorist" and "anti-vaxxer" at the earliest possibility... They are using terms like this against anyone who has an alternative viewpoint or information that goes against the main story were being fed. Derogatory terms such as these are purely to undermine anything we have to say, by belittling us before hearing any supporting evidence


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