The Recovery Trials

The Recovery Trial is a medical drugs trial that was carried out alledgedly to test Hydroxychloroquine (and other medications) for their safety and effectiveness as a treatment against Covid 19. It was carried out at: RECOVERY Central Coordinating Office, Richard Doll Building, Old Road Campus, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford, OX3 7LF.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a derivative of chloroquine and has been used for many decades to treat malaria and rheumatological diseases. It has antiviral qualities and is a prophylactic against Covid 19.

Through speaking face to face with Chris Whitty on the 29th September 2020, I was directed to this trial. I had asked him why HCQ wasnt being considered to benefit the country in our fight against the virus. From reading the document, it became clear to me that this trial had been carried out to undermine the drug. Oxford university have a conflict of interests as they are a manufacturer of a Covid Vaccine. It seems to me that the voulunteers (I call them victims) were overdosed with HCQ

I also learnt from this document that the Recovery Trial Study was funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who are known to have invested interests in vaccine production, funding of the World Health Organisation and other influential elements of this agenda.

Another financial backer of this trial is the Welcome Trust who are based on the same campus at Oxford University as the Riochard Doll Buildings, and indeed the Astra-Zenica vaccine production.

Early into this report being released, it was submitted into The Lancet. A highly respected, weekly peer-reviewed medical journal, but shortly after being published, it appears The Lancet had pulled this trial from their journal.

From this point, I have tried various ways to obtain answers or be proven wrong about my concerns. I spent 7 days ON the Richard Doll Building in Oxford in October 2021 hoping to speak with their experts, inviting them to prove me wrong... but still nobody has... (Click "Richard Doll" button below to see more)


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