Vaccine Passports

Public health or public coercion?

Now knowing what we know about the vaccines and the virus, a vaccine passport is just re-branding medical apartheid. I'm sure that no matter whether you are vaccinated or not, you can understand how wrong the introduction of vaccine passports is. Lets change the word "unvaccinated" to some alternatives for an example - You cannot enter this business because you are... "white" "asian" "black" "gay" "married" "obese" "40 years of age". This is all discrimination... And lets be frank, our medical details, whether that be vaccination status or not, is a private affair, and nothing to do with anyone else.

It appears that in this day and age, there is no middle ground between fully vaccinated or anti-vaxxer. The government via the media outlets have exploited this for a reason. This (alongside passports) is to divide the country in the hope we will fight amongst ourselves (divide and conquer) and allow the government to pile on the pressure, blackmail and coercion into having a fully vaccinated population, completely eliminating freedom of choice and informed consent.

Obviously, once this technology is tried and tested upon a large enough percentage of the nation, they will have the systems in place to deliver the social credit systems. Some countries have done this via a digital drivers license, and slowly added more and more parts to the app until it has full control over their lives.


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