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Jonathan Van-Tam

22nd June 2021, Whitehall, London SW1

Tried to speak with Jonathan Van-Tam in London whilst protesting at the pen (Downing Street / Whitehall) Like Chris Whitty, it amazes me how little these people speak.....
For this, and the Chris Whitty interview in Oxford, 3rd June 2021 (outside the G7 Summit) I was arrested on Freedom Day of all days, (19 July 2021).
They arrested me for harassment of Chris Whitty, harassment of Van-Tam, and Criminal Trespass at the M.O.D. (this video...)
Being arrested may scare some people, however, this is what I want. I WANT TO BE ARRESTED!! I always carry a Pen Drive with evidences on, If i can be charged and go to court (Rather than case being dropped on the court day as seems to happen) I will attend court with no fear. THEY are the criminals, Im an innocent, law abiding citizen...
This live feed made headlines in the UK across many Newspapers and media outlets. I see this as a good thing for various reasons; it creates conversation and debate in communities, it should have made people question why Van-Tam didnt answer some very basic questions, it can also inspire people to see how easy it can be to put pressure onto Boris. I would also like people to see how important it is to be pressent at the right kind of protest. If I weren't at the protest pen on this occasion, I wouldnt have had this oppertunity.